Unique Ayurvedic remedies for Asthma

According to Ayurveda, the onset of Asthma could be due to allergy or infection. However, in the present world, increased occurrence of Asthma is noticed, largely triggered by bad lifestyle habits. One of the main Asthma triggers is dust and pollution. Other climatic conditions such as exposure to cold climate for prolonged duration or excess use of Air Conditioners can trigger Asthma attacks.

Discussed here are some Ayurvedic remedies for effective relief from frequent Asthma attacks:

For breathing difficulty: During an Asthma attack, apply Sesame oil (gingely oil) on the chest region and back, and do mild steaming. Once the patient begins to sweat, breathing gets easier.

Decoction cure for Asthma: Boil together leaves of Malabar nut (Adalodakam), beetle leaves, tulsi leaves, dry ginger, black pepper, and cloves. Strain the solution, add sugar or honey for sweetness, and a teaspoon of coffee powder if necessary. Replace tea/coffee with this drink daily, to find long-term relief from Asthma attacks.

Ayurvedic remedies: A Lehyam (a semi-solid ayurvedic preparation for oral consumption) made of Malabar nut leaves, mustard oil, and jaggery syrup, has been found to be an effective remedy for Asthma attacks.

Kanakasavam, Vaasharishtam, Jeerakaarishtam, Paartharishtam, Dashamoolarishtam, and shvasanandam tablets are usually prescribed.

In cases of cardiac asthma, Vidhyadikashayam, Pushkaraadhikashayam, Prabhakaravadi, Bhringa, Pravaalabhasma, and such other medicines are prescribed by physicians.

For external application, medicated oils such as Lakshaadhithailam and Thekaraajathailam are considered to be good.

For children: For children suffering from Asthma, it is often difficult to get them to have herbal decoctions, due to their bitter taste. Make this special omelette meant for Asthmatics as a tastier option. Gently strain the leaves of Malabar nut (Adalodakam) and extract the juice. Take a teaspoon of this juice, and add to one beaten egg, to make an omelette. Malabar nut extract is an effective remedy for Asthma.

Home remedy: An easy home remedy for relief from Asthma is to make a fine powder of equal portions of dry ginger, Muthanga (nut grass), Haritaki (Kadukkai), and jaggery. This powder can be given often to the patient for relief from cough and Asthma attack.

To prevent frequency of attacks: By boosting immunity levels, and avoiding environments that could possibly trigger an Asthma attack, we can prevent frequency of attacks to a great extent. Hence, taking good care of your health by having nutritious food, and keeping home and surroundings clean and free of dust is the foremost thing to do.

Secondly, stay away from anything cold, such as taking bath in cold water, or drinking cold water. Use only lukewarm water for bathing and drinking. Avoid eating chocolates, excess sweets and fried food, ice creams, grapes and oranges and fast food eateries. Also, avoid over-exercising and over-straining. Have plenty of vegetables and fruits, and include egg, milk, and chicken in your diet.

Add a drop of honey to Malabar nut leaves extract, and drink it regularly to prevent frequency of Asthma attacks. This is effective for adults and children alike. As a variation, also try to drink the solution make of Malabar nut leaves extract, honey, and Thippili (Longum piper) powder, which is equally effective.

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