Walking Meditation

Walking meditation involves focusing intentionally only on the walking experience removing all other stray thoughts from mind. Walking meditation is considered as a simple method that can be adopted for bringing awareness into ones life. Through walking meditation, attention is focused only on the actual act of walking by concentrating on the sensation in legs and feet while the entire body is moving. While practicing this, when the mind wanders about, attention should be refocused by keeping the gaze only in front direction.

walking meditationIncorporating walking meditation in day to day life can be of great help. A short walking meditation of about ten minutes before sitting down to meditate will keep the mind focused. Apart from this, the awareness that is developed through walking meditation also serves useful as one keeps moving from one place to another in the course of the day.

Walking meditation develops balance, accuracy and durability of awareness. Lord Buddha has mentioned five specific benefits that can be achieved through walking meditation. The first being, the person who practices walking meditation, will develop the stamina and energy to cover a long distance journey by walk. Secondly, through walking meditation, an individual can achieve stamina for the actual practice of meditation, because in walking meditation, one concentrates simultaneously on ones movements along with keeping mind free of other thoughts.

Thirdly, the balancing act between walking and sitting helps in developing good health, which in turn speeds up the progress of practice. This is believed to be so, because walking improves blood circulation, rejuvenates the muscles and prevents diseases. The other benefit achieved through walking meditation is that it improves digestion.

Walking helps in better bowel movements, helps in remaining active and prevents lethargy. Walking meditation, when done regularly in the morning helps prevent drowsiness during the day. 

Lastly, the power of concentration is increased through walking meditation. This is possible because during walking meditation, one learns to concentrate on each movement and hence the mind learns to concentrate continuously on one action.

An individual, who is very diligent in walking meditation, will automatically develop concentration and strong mindedness in sitting meditation.