Yoga and Naturopathy reducing relapse after drug addiction treatment

Yoga and Naturopathy are considered to be beneficial in reducing the relapse that occurs on withdrawal and treatment of drug addiction.

A study was conducted involving about 205 cases of drug addicts from the Drug De-addiction Centre, Navjyothi and another 100 cases of drug addicts in hospital of the Tihar Jail. The patients in the De-addiction Centre, Navjyothi were treated with Yoga, Naturopathy and counseling, while the patients in Tihar hospital were treated on allopathic medications alone. The yoga therapies included Kapalbhathi (cleansing of lungs), Jalneti (Cleansing of nasal passage), Yoganidra(deep relaxation through Yoga), Sukshma Vyayam (gentle exercises), Shankha Prakshalan (cleanses the digestive system) and Pranayama (Breath control) and a few other yoga postures. The naturopathic treatments included wet pack and mud pack, enema, hip bath, spinal massage, cold bath, hot foot bath, Chromotherapy (treating through the use of light and color), chest pack and body steaming in addition to a naturopathic diet.

The data of all the cases on withdrawal symptoms pertaining to physical, psychological and other parameters were compiled and compared. The withdrawal symptom of each patient was recorded in the scale of mild, moderate, severe and normal. Results clearly indicated that the patients who received the naturopathic and yogic treatments were able to cope significantly with the withdrawal symptoms than those who received only allopathic medications. The study ended with the conclusion that the treatment of drug addictions by involving naturopathy and yoga was the best way for de-toxification.