Yoga and Stress Reduction

Yoga is considered the best remedy for stress. It has various gentle Asanas, Shatkriyas, Pranayama, hand mudras and relaxation techniques to its credit. The breathing exercises can be even done at one’s desk, or in the car, or at any place and anytime when one feels stressed. Meditation, which is also a part of yoga therapy helps in calming the mind, and provides quick relaxation.

Most popular techniques in yoga involve controlled breathing, physical movements, and stretching providing the combined effects of all in one technique. Yoga, by itself means, bringing together the body and mind. Hence, the benefits of yoga in stress management are numerous.

The yoga postures adopted involve various stretching poses while simultaneously controlling the breath. While doing so, the body becomes both energized and relaxed. Various postures are adopted in yoga with a few in the form of simple exercises and the others have some spirituality too. In comparison to several other methods and exercises recommended for stress reduction, yoga provides the combined effects of meditation practice, fitness program, breathing exercises, stretching exercises along with guided imagery. Yoga also requires increased commitment and effort than any other medications.

Yoga Nidra or yoga sleep is an expression that denotes the greatest stage of consciousness. Yoga nidra is considered as a deep state of relaxation which involves relaxing the body, part by part while simultaneously relaxing the mind. Yoga practitioners believe that until the mind is in a relaxed state, the body will not feel relaxed. Hence yoga is considered as a complete package which relaxes the mind, body and spirit.

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