Yoga – Best solution for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Yoga is the best solution for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Unlike other physical exercises, yoga involves only gentle stretches, and hence leaves the practitioners refreshed after practice. This is most essential for individuals with CFS, as they are already deficit of energy. Individuals suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are recommended to under go a few minutes of breathing exercises, meditation and a few gentle stretches. While meditation helps in conservation of energy and in boosting self confidence, the yoga postures helps in pushing in more oxygen through the body organs and releases muscle tension.

Individuals with CFS are advised to adopt graded exercises, and yoga is a great way to exercise. Individuals suffering from CFS mostly belong to the category of people who lack physical exercise and are spending most of their day sitting in one position, and often, in an uncomfortable posture. Yoga helps relieve the muscle tension, allowing them to relax. Meditation, being a major part of Yoga, has much to do with alleviating CFS. When Yoga exercises are clubbed with meditation and breathing techniques, the CFS patient will have a support system that helps in normalizing life and making it as productive as possible.

Individuals with CFS, face emotional and physical tension which usually gets lodged in the muscle tissues, by knotting and tightening them and decreasing the blood circulation. Through various yoga postures that involve breathing deeply and gently, these muscle tissues are relaxed and they get more oxygen which in turn releases the tension. During deep breathing there is maximum intake of oxygen and release of toxins.

Stress is considered as the main factor for CFS. Breathing techniques help in increasing awareness and concentration, by simultaneously reducing reactions to stress. Most of the time stress is caused by an event in the past, or for fear of future or when caught in a situation that cannot be changed or dealt with. The breathing techniques will help in finding a source of unlimited energy that lies within one’s self by constantly reminding the mind to deal with the present moment.

Through yoga and meditation, patients suffering with CFS can find immense strength within their inner-selves which expresses by itself.