Yoga found to heal cancer

The Government Medical College and the Vivekanand Institute of Yoga have entered into a tie-up for carrying on with their experimental project on healing cancer through yoga.

The project, which was started a year ago under sponsorship by the Indian Council of Medical Research was carried out under the leadership of Dr.Varsha Sagdeo, who mentioned that three out of ten patients who underwent surgeries for breast cancer, had no cancer cells post surgery. This being a rare phenomenon happens only in ten percent of the cases, and according to Dr.Varsha, three out of ten is a good ratio.

The project involved fifty patients, divided into two groups of twenty five each. While one group practiced Pranayam (Breathing exercise) and Sudarshan Kriya, the other underwent conventional treatment.

In the yoga group, the level of reduction of cancerous cells post surgery was higher than the usual percentage, and they could also cope with the side-effects of chemotherapy in a much better manner. While thirteen of them never experienced nausea or vomiting associated with chemotherapy treatment, the others experienced very little of such symptoms.

The researchers are now planning to conduct trials on the benefits of pranayam and similar exercises on patients who are to take up any general surgery.

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