Yoga helps eliminate cancer if detected at an early stage

Swami Yoganad, a leading yoga master and the founder of Transformational Yoga(a new yogic system that creates techniques of hatha, tantra, mantra, raja, ashtanga and kundalini yoga to bring about a rapid transformation in the practitioner), has asserted that though yoga may not be able to cure cancer completely, it will surely help eliminate cancer easily, if detected at an early stage.

Transformational Yoga emphasizes that every individual has the capacity to experience pure consciousness through practice of yogic postures which could purify impurities lying within the energy centers in the body, awaken and activate them for spiritual awakening and allow the body to strengthen itself from the energy thus obtained.

Swami Vidyanand says “Yoga explores the body through asana. It explores the breath through breathing exercises or Pranayama, which is an excellent tool for relaxation and has immediate and noticeable effects. And yoga finally explores the mind through meditation. Meditation can help give us a chance to listen to our body.”

“Many diseases are related to stress. It has been observed by clinicians that our immune response even to those as common as cold or flu or as serious and life threatening diseases like cancer can be directly linked to our stress levels and the fight response. Learning ways to manage stress can literally save our lives”, he adds.