Yoga Mudra (The Scaling Pose)

Yoga Mudra plays a vital role among yoga postures due to its spiritual impact during higher stages of yoga practice, where each pose is maintained for a longer duration. Yoga mudra helps in internal purification due to its effect in better elimination.


  1. Sit in Padmasana (Lotus Posture).
  2. Bringing both hands at the back, grab the wrist of one hand with that of the other.
  3. The hand that has been grabbed should be made in the form of a fist. While doing this, the hands can be let loose, and rested on the back. The Spine, neck and head should be kept straight and erect.
  4. Exhale and gently lower the head until the forehead reaches the ground. The upper part of the body is also bent towards the ground. In case it is not possible to touch the forehead on the ground, bend it as much as is easily possible.
  5. Holding the breath, gradually rise the hands upwards, as much as possible without exerting causing any excess strain. Hold on in this position for six seconds. The buttocks should be firmly seated on the ground during this practice.
  6. Inhale and gradually lower the hands and return to earlier pose and then slowly loosen the entire body. Rest for a few seconds and repeat the process.
    Note :- Through practice, if it becomes possible to touch the forehead on the ground, one can aim towards touching the nose and then the chin on the ground.


Yoga Mudra is considered to be excellent for curing Asthma, this process allows the lungs and bronchial tubes to get stimulated in an effective manner. As the upper part of the body is bent downwards, blood from lower area of the body flows upwards and the veins and lower lungs and bronchioles get massaged in the process. Hence normal functioning of the lungs is restored.

The other benefits of Yoga Mudra are that it rectifies the spinal disorders, relieve constipation, gastric troubles and strengthens digestive system, thereby preventing constipation. This posture also has a positive effect on the sex organs.

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