Yoga poses beneficial in treating ailments

There have been several proven evidences in the recent past regarding the fact that yoga helps in dealing effectively with certain ailments such as depression, PMS, anxiety and Menopause.

A particular pose in Yoga, Badha Konasana, is said to relieve the PMS symptoms, while also stretching the inner thighs and groin area. It also helps in healthy functioning of the bladder, kidneys, ovaries and the prostate.

Procedure:  Sit down, and bring the bottom of the feet together, in such a manner that the knees fall to the sides. The heels should be drawn towards the groin. Hold feet with the hands, and straighten the spine. The belly as well as the perineal floor muscles should be drawn up. Hold on in this position for five breaths.

Badha Konasana also stimulates abdominal organs, relives signs of fatigue, anxiety and depression, soothes menstrual discomforts, and, consistent practice of this asana until late pregnancy eases childbirth. It is a great immune booster.

However, a physician should be consulted before beginning such exercises, or when changing an exercise program.  This asana is not recommended for women who have given birth recently.