Yoga sessions be artistic

Todays stressful lifestyle has left many of us wanting for something more than just a workout at the gym. Now, an increasing number of residents in Bandra are turning to Bharat Thakurs artistic yoga to soothe their souls while toning their bodies.Thakur believes that this form of yoga is here to stay. A fad is something temporary, says the founder of artistic yoga. Jyoti Gidwani, skin therapist and a resident of Bandstand, says, Before I joined this class I had severe back and leg problems so much so that I couldnt sit properly. But after I started practising artistic yoga and feel much better and I intend to continue with it.For 30-year-old Papya Roy artistic yoga has yielded better results than working at a gym. Says the owner of Barefoot and a resident of 16th Road, Khar, Ive chosen artistic yoga as my sole workout because it makes me feel healthy.

More importantly, if you leave it halfway theres no harm done, unlike weight training programmes; you gain weight once you discontine them. Pankaj Madhani, an architect living in Ghatkopar, attends the Bandra class everyday along with his entire family.I had attended Bharat Thakurs workshop earlier and was quite impressed with his teachings. I joined his class because I wanted to learn artistic yoga in detail. Exercising at a gym requires all kinds of modern equipment. But once you learn yoga, you can do it anywhere in the world, says Madhani.Six batches are conducted in Bandra in the mornings and evenings and are attended by around 150 students. While considering a gender break-up, we do have more women as compared to men in Bandra. In my opinion, this is so because most guys associate this macho image with the gym and they refuse to let go of it. They need to understand that yoga is a complete form of exercise with no side effects, says yoga instructor Nandan Gautam.