Yoga – the best way to remain young

The philosophy of yoga is that a person’s age is determined by the elasticity of the spine rather than the years. Through regular practice of yoga, the spine flexibility is increased, the skin gets firmed up and the tension of muscles is removed, the skin is toned up and poor postures are rectified. It is said that yoga has the capability of taking years from the face and adding years to one’s life.

Apart from helping an individual to remain young in external appearance, yoga makes one feel younger with better mental strength. Unlike the commercial products that temporarily satisfy one’s desire to look young, yoga helps one to remain young naturally from within. And when that is done, it has its own reflection externally.

Yoga affects all important factors for longevity; the glands, the brain, spine and other internal organs. Yoga develops body immunity, thereby preventing many chronic ailments. Yoga has a rejuvenation effect on the glands, in particular, the adrenal, pituitary, thyroid and sex glands. This induces a feeling of good health, preventing premature aging.

Through regular practice of yoga, especially the inverted postures, the gravitational effect is reversed, resulting in reduction of facial wrinkles, and improving skin tone, giving it a natural glow. The inverted yoga posture is also believed to prevent premature graying of hair, because while adopting such a posture, the blood circulation to the scalp is increased. Also during this posture, the pressure exerted on the blood vessels on the neck is removed, and hence the blood flow to the scalp is doubly increased.

The rejuvenation impact of yoga on the nervous system, results in a positive mental and emotional attitude. Regular practitioners of yoga usually feel more enthusiastic, optimistic and creative, and as they get older, they begin to develop an ageless appearance.

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