Yoga Therapy

Yoga is an ancient discipline that seeks the union of Atma (soul) and Paramatma (God) through physical and mental training. Yoga in other words means Union.  Through the practice of Yoga, the mind and body are trained to reach the said Union. The yogic asanas or exercises that are performed, helps in removing the mental afflictions and the physical ailments to make the body a perfect medium through which the soul and the supreme soul unites naturally.

Yoga Asanas when perfected by the masters, help in keeping the body fit and clean thereby enabling one to face the challenges of life with greater strength. There are different styles of Yoga though their ultimate goal is the union with the universe. On the whole, the logic behind Yoga is that the mind, spirit and body are single, and one must work towards balancing all the three. By doing so, it is believed to have a positive influence on the mind and body. Hence Yoga is also considered therapeutic.

The physical benefit of practicing Yoga is that it tones up muscles, corrects posture, improves flexibility and helps in calmness of mind. Yoga also improves breathing and concentration. There are different kinds of Yogic Asanas and one can research and find the one that suits individual needs. Each Asana emphasizes in benefiting a particular area of the body. Apart from providing flexibility, these stretches lubricate and maintains the tendons and joints.

A unique benefit of yoga is the impact it will have on the internal organs and glands of the body which can never be achieved through regular exercise. Due to the stimulation of body parts when practicing Yoga, the blood circulation increases and de-toxifies every part of the body. De-toxification helps in reducing aging, and increases the energy levels.

There are tremendous benefits of this ancient practice which offers happiness and health through the union of mind, body and the soul. Hence in todays stressed life styles it will be good if one can set aside a few minutes time to begin this healing process.